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1 Hour Class - Private Classes

If you prefer one on one instruction with our instructors this can be arranged for any Aerial Arts or Juggling / Unicycle classes.
  • Aerial Static Trapeze - This aerial apparatus consisting of a bar hung from ropes, unlike the flying trapeze, this one hangs stationary.
  • Aerial Silks / Aerial Tissue - Two long pieces of soft fabric that hang from a single point.
  • Aerial Lyra / Aerial Hoop - A a metal circular hoop that is suspended from a single point.

    (Not Available for Flying Trapeze)
Scheduled via phone booking 9557 9668 only to find your suitable instructor.


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Private Classes

1-on-1 Classes
- $78.00 per hour
2-on-1 Classes - $63.00pp per hour
3-on-1 Classes - $53.00pp per hour
4-on-1 Classes - $50.00pp per hour
(by appointment only)

  • Street Circus
  • Static Trapeze
  • Silks / Tissue
  • Lyra / Hoop

    (NOT Available for Flying Trapeze)