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Staff Christmas / Xmas Parties

Surprise your staff or team with a Flying Trapeze or Circus Class this Christmas!

Sydney Trapeze School would love to see your group this Christmas to try out our unique activities. We have custom designed a variety of Christmas party packages to choose from and we're sure they will help your team have the most unforgettable and talked about Xmas party this year.

Groups with less than 12 people can enrol into our Flying Trapeze ‘All Levels’ Classes running throughout the week.

  Flying Experience (min 12pp max 15pp) - $70.00pp

This is the ideal package for those groups interested in learning the Flying Trapeze only. This fun filled experience dedicates 2 whole hours to your group to learn the basic trapeze positions and finish with an attempt at a mid-air catch with one of our experienced instructors. Those who progress quickly in this class will also have an opportunity to learn more advanced positions/tricks in the air.

Watch your team mates challenge themselves and see how many of them are as brave as they say they are and who can complete the final task of a successful mid-air catch!


  Circus Experience (minimum 12pp +) - $80.00pp

This experience is catered for larger groups who are interested in learning several circus acts. We have a number of activities on offer to teach; aerial arts, plate spinning, juggling, tight rope walking, stilt walking and of course the Flying Trapeze.

The number of different activities taught in your experience will vary depending on the number of students. We recommend 1 activity for every 10 people (i.e. for 30 people you would have flying trapeze plus a choice of 2 other additional activities).

  1. Plate Spinning
    Learn to spin a plate continuously using only a plastic stick. You will even learn the tricks on how to pass a spinning plate along to your workmates, keeping it spinning the whole time!

  2. Juggling
    Learn to juggle three balls at the same time and show off your new learnt skills to your mates!

  3. Tight rope walking
    Test out your sense of balance on our tight wire, show your workmates you can walk the fine line!

  4. Silks / Tissue
    Learn how to perform beautiful poses and shapes on two pieces of fabric hanging from a single high point. This activity will really test your flexibility and strength!

  5. Lyra / Hoop
    Using only a metal hoop suspended from the air, learn how to perform daring positions and shapes mid air.